October Hiatus

The Pop Song History blog will be taking a month-long hiatus during October so its author can devote an excessive amount of obsessive attention to the Major League Baseball playoffs, including wild card games, Championship series for the American and National Leagues and, eventually, the World’s Series. It takes a tremendous amount of spare time in the evenings to come up with ideas, research the songs, write and edit drafts to polish one of these essays to satisfactory narrative completion, but this time in the evening will be spent in front of the television watching America’s pastime as the postseason progresses and cherishing my favourite month, October in all its autumnal splendour. If there are any regular readers for this blog, an anticipated second part of Hearts, Minds and the First World War, subtitled “On the Home Front,” is underway, but progress has been slow-going, hindered by a sudden change in focus and thesis as well as the distractions imparted by the end of the regular baseball season, so expect another essay within the next two weeks or so, a full two weeks behind my own self-imposed deadline of a fortnight between blog entries. Research and writing for this blog will restart as soon as the World’s Series has been decided at the end of the month, unfortunately the Sox will not be partaking this year. Sorry y’all, things are fixin’ to get real lazy and relaxed here at home. For some of us life-long and devoted baseball fans, I’m sure you know a few yourselves; life nearly comes to a halt during October for the sake of playoffs. Thank you for reading.

–Morgan Howland


About morganhowland

I am a recent college graduate with a degree in American History. I am also a music nerd who likes keeping up with current music and knowing anything about pop songs of the past. Combining the two ambitions into a blog of essays on various topics of popular song history seems like an appropriate thing to do.

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